For Payers/Employers

  • Rational Savings: On average, Data iSight delivers 54% savings for in-network and out-of-network claims, which is more than twice that of traditional claims-repricing products on out-of-network claims.
  • Provider Acceptance: Defensible methodologies and full transparency virtually eliminate appeals and leads to an industry-high provider acceptance rate.
  • Easy to Use: Data iSight has a high adoption rate because it is user-friendly, with a quick learning curve.
  • Instantaneous Results: Automated processes deliver instantaneous results via secure websites.
  • 360° Access to Information: Payers, providers and patients can access comprehensive information through secure websites that serve as educational tools for all parties.
  • Competitive Advantage: As a result of cost savings, payers and employers are able to offer more competitive benefits packages to consumers/employees.
  • Analytical Technology: Beyond just a reimbursement tool, Data iSight is also available in a suite of analytical tools that benefit all departments of an organization - assisting in actuarial, case management, contracting, contract validation, and consumer plans.

For Patients

  • Realistic Savings: Patients enjoy lower out-of-pocket expenses and lower premiums.
  • Understand the System: Patients now have access to charge vs. cost data for the first time.
  • Empowered to Act: Patients are armed with information to have a voice in healthcare decisions.

For Providers

  • Competitive Advantage: Providers have access to comprehensive data that reveals performance against like facilities.
  • Rewarded for Efficiency: More efficient providers achieve a higher margin since reimbursement is determined by average cost to deliver services.
  • Administrative Advantage: With increased adoption of Data iSight, providers will rely less on multiple networks, thus reducing administrative workloads and expenses.